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Our range of Muay Thai training in Birmingham caters for all ages and skill levels and are available 6 days a week from Monday-Saturday.

    Beginners Muay Thai Classes

    The hardest part of starting any new venture is having the courage to take that first step.

    At K-Star Legacy our beginner lessons are structured to suit all levels of fitness, so don’t worry if you have never done any form of exercise before, you will be taught at a nice steady pace that you will feel comfortable at.

    Even those who are already involved in exercise will quickly feel the benefits of our beginner program.

    By learning Muay Thai you can;

    • Build Confidence
    • Improve strength and flexibility
    • Lose weight
    • Increase fitness levels
    • Learn self-defence

    Our carefully designed beginners course will lay down the foundations upon which students can build their advanced techniques. So whatever your aim may be our fully qualified instructors are on hand to help you build the confidence and determination you need to realise your potential and achieve your goals.

    Call the gym and book your FREE introductory session, on 0121 421 2941

    Intermediate Muay Thai Classes

    The intermediate Muay Thai Training is one level up from our beginners course. Here you will be perfecting more of the defence and counters that are commonly used in Muay Thai and developing a greater understanding of how these techniques would be applied in practice.

    The strength and cardio routines will be at a slightly higher intensity than on the beginners class, enabling you to further improve your fitness and endurance.

    This class will suit anyone who has attended a thai boxing gym previously or those who have progressed on from our beginners class.

    Call the gym and book your FREE introductory session, on 0121 421 2941

    Advanced Muay Thai Classes

    Our Advanced Muay Thai Training is designed for students who already have a basic knowledge of Muay Thai techniques and for those moving on from our Intermediate class. These sessions will develop your current knowledge and allow you to progress to a higher skill level by teaching more complex Muay Thai techniques.

    In these classes we will focus on;

    • Elaborate defence and counters
    • Increased strength and conditioning routines
    • Advanced technical sparring

    Muay Thai Fighters Class

    The fighters class is tailored to meet the specific needs of those who have chosen to step in to the ring. Under the watchful eye of Thai Boxing World Champion Damien Trainor, students will be closely guided and assisted in preparing for their bouts, giving them the tools they need to be able to compete.

    Here is where the strength, conditioning and ring craft is finely polished and put to the test. Damien has helped Steve Logan produce many champions under the K-Star name and this is a trend he intends to continue.

    Although our fighters class is aimed at those who want to enter the ring in competition we welcome members who simply wish to train at a higher intensity and don’t intend to compete.

    Children’s Muay Thai Training

    At K-Star Legacy children can learn the art of Muay Thai in a safe and enjoyable environment.

    Our child specific Thai Boxing classes in Birmingham aim to develop self-discipline and build self-confidence while increasing fitness levels and improving hand-eye coordination. Throughout the sessions Children will learn the importance of respecting themselves as well as others and will gain a sense of achievement as their skills begin to progress.

    For details of class times please contact the gym on 0121 421 2941

    Private tuition

    If you feel you would like a bit of extra support with your training why not book some private tuition with our World Champion instructor Damien Trainor? Private lessons are a great way to focus on specific areas of your training and work on any aspect of Muay Thai that you wish to improve.

    Everybody has different goals and desires so whether you require help with an upcoming grading, general fitness or fight preparation these dedicated one-to-one sessions will push you leaps and bounds ahead.

    To book a private lesson please call the gym on 0121 421 2941

    Our boxing class is a huge success amongst our members. These sessions are pad work oriented which is a great way to improve your fitness along with exercising your mind as you go through the combinations. The class is designed to help improve your hand speed, punch accuracy, head movement and your hand eye coordination.

    This class with help with

    • Punching speed
    • Punch accuracy
    • Punching in volume
    • Head movement
    • Increased level of fitness

    For details of class times please contact the gym on 0121 421 2941

    Our Dutch Kickboxing class is a very special class and extremely unique. Chief instructor Damien Trainor was heavily influenced by the Dutch fighters method of training. As well as living and training in Thailand he also spent some time training with some of the Dutch kickboxing/Muay Thai legends of the sport. Damien has now been taken around the world teaching some of the top fighters in combat organisations such as the UFC, Bellator, Glory, Lion Fight and BAMMA due to his specific application of the Dutch Kickboxing system.

    This class will help with

    • Combination fluency
    • blocking and countering
    • Volume of strikes
    • Increase fitness levels
    • learning to create openings

    For details of class times please contact the gym on 0121 421 2941

    Our circuit class is an additional fitness session which aims to compliment your existing training. This high intensity workout requires to work to your maximum output in a fun filled environment.

    For details of class times please contact the gym on 0121 421 2941