K-Star Legacy's Josh Page wins.

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On the 16th July Josh Page entered The Contender Cup 70kg tournament at the O2 Arena in London.

The Contender Cup is a tournament where only people who have had less than 10 fights can enter. Depending on how many people register you could potentially have 3 fights in one day to become The Contender Cup champion for that year.

Josh usually fights at 64kg but due to the on the day weigh procedure we opted to enter the 70kg, just so that he wanted weakened at all by any weight loss.

The favourites to win the 70kg tournament was between Josh and another fighter called Colin Chu from the famous Team Tieu gym on London.

When we arrived at the O2 we were told that due to the high standard of both these guys, that they would be taken out of the tournament and made to have a stand alone fight against each other. This was because is was deemed unfair as they would have tore through the other lads and just ended up fighting each other anyway. The idea of these tournament is to build experience for the future generation.

The video below is a great technical fight between to future stars.

Page: Red Shorts

Chu: Blue Shorts

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