K-Star Legacy's First Fighters

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K-Star Legacy’s one year anniversary is just around the corner and at almost the same time we are ready to send out our first batch of fighters.

On the 17th May the NEC will be hosting the BodyPower Expo in Birmingham. BodyPower is the fastest growing consumer fitness exhibition in Europe, attracting tens of thousands of health and fitness enthusiasts from around the globe.

The Expo will feature some Muay Thai and K-1 bouts where gyms from all around the country will be putting their fighters forward including K-Star Legacy and the rest of the K-Star family.

The four fighters from K-Star Legacy are;

Ronnie Hogan
Ben Woodall
Patryk Jelonkiewicz
Radek Tomczak

All are training very and hard and i’m looking forward to seeing them do the gym proud.

Damien Trainor

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