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Many of you are now getting close to taking your first grading at K-Star Legacy.

The gradings are a great way to see how you are getting on with your training, looking at what you are excelling in and what you need to improve on.

K-Star has a very high technical standard when we send our fighters out around the country. This is due in part to our grading syllabus as it allows us to structure the classes around our students current skills and knowledge. This means you will never get intermediate or advanced students/fighters on the same class as beginners and is a trend I will be continuing at K-Star Legacy.

Your training will go up another level after passing the first grading as you will start to learn new techniques and exercises to help improve your overall fitness and knowledge of Muay Thai.

Please speak to myself next time you are in gym to reserve your space for the next grading.


Chief Instructor

Damien Trainor

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