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K-star is very proud of it’s students who train with us for many different reasons. Some just want to get fit or lose wait, some wish to learn self defence and others go on to compete in the sport. We are always receiving positive feedback, and here is what some of our members have to say about learning Thai Boxing at K-star Legacy:

Adrian Jones:

I was encouraged to join K-Star Legacy Muay Thai Gym by a friend.

At 46 ,and never participating in any form of martial arts,I was somewhat apprehensive to say the least !
I needn’t off been.

The tone and atmosphere of the gym is set by the owner,Damien , egos are left at the front door. Everybody, from the juniors to the people competing for national belts are respectful , friendly and helpful.

Every training session is different which to is a massive plus point , no monotony , always different and interesting .
Fitness , flexibility and techniques are all enhanced but I believe the greatest benefits from membership are the life skills that are instilled . Respect , self control and discipline whether,
your 48 like me ,or 7/8/9 years of age like the juniors, are increasingly essential to meet the challenges of everyday life .


Craig Hughes:

Since I have started at kstar legacy I have always been made to feel welcome. It’s refreshing to be at gym were everyone gets along and helps each other out. It’s great to see the experienced lads helping passing their knowledge on to beginners.

I remember Dan Edwards (U.K. No1) giving up his time during one of the classes to help me improve on a certain aspect of Muay Thai. Damien Trainor (Chief instructor) is always there for advice and guidance even if you are doing your own training and not on one of the structured classes. Simon whitehead (Assistant instructor) is a credit to the gym and is again always willing to help any of the students out.

K-Star Legacy has an amazing atmosphere and I can’t recommend it enough to anyone who is interested in taking up martial arts.

Adam Chesire:

The training is great and is taught as if you were college, step by step. Damion is not only a great fighter who teaches from experience but also a maticulus coach who spots and rectifies problem in your technique. Highly recommended



Excellent gym and excellent coach. You’re in good hands and you are not going to get a better coach than this in the midlands. If you are thinking about taking up Muay Thai whether its for fitness, to lose weight, to tone up, to learn a functional skillset or all of the above, then stop thinking about it— TAKE THE FIRST STEP AND BOOK A CLASS!