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Damien Trainor Returns to the USA

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K-Star Legacy chief instructor Damien Trainor is being take across the pond to the U.S.A in February to share some of his wealth of knowledge.

This will actually be the fourth time he’s been take to the states teaching seminars so it goes to show the high level of instruction that is given at K-Star Legacy.

The gym will be open as normal while he’s away and all classes will be run by his respected trainee instructor Simon Whitehead.

Damien in Philly (PRINT A3)

A Legend Returns

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K-Star Legacy’s chief instructor Damien Trainor will be returning to ring after a 4 year lay off.

The event this fight will take place on is called the Muay Thai Grand Prix and will be held at the Indigo bar in the O2 Arena on the 26th March 2016.

Damien will take on the tough and resilient Adrian Lopez of Spain in a full Thai rules bout which means allowing elbows and knees to the head.

Tickets are available from Damien at K-Star Legacy.

K-Star Legacy fighters kick start 2016 in Watford.

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Already K-Star Legacy has three of it’s fighters competing on February 13th on the Roar Combat League event, which is being held in Watford.

UK No1 Dan Edwards makes his return to ring as he takes on Richie Green of the Diablo gym. Dan has been out for 12 months with injury so is keen to make his presence known again in the UK.

The very intelligent Josh Page is keen to keep his winning streak going as he takes on Alex Hood of Muay Thai Inc gym and Legacy’s power house Patryk Jelonkiewicz is looking to keep his K-1 unbeaten record as he takes in Michal Budzinski from Perun Gym.

Tickets are available from the gym or any of the fighters.

K-Star Legacy's first champion

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On the 28th November 2015 K-Star Legacy had it’s first champion as Josh Page defeated Andy Wood to claim the IKF English Thai Boxing title.

Josh was in control from start to finish as he out pointed the Woking based fighter.

Josh had a great year in 2015 as he went unbeaten in all his contest which is a trend he’s hoping to continue in 2016.