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K-Star Legacy triumphant at the NEC

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K-Star Legacy sent it’s first batch of home grown fighters out on the 17th May 2014 at the Body Power Expo at the NEC in Birmingham.

First up from K-Star Legacy was Patryk Jelonkiewicz who took on Merunas Stonkus from Guru martial arts. Patryk downed his opponent twice in the opening round with strong body shots with Merunas being unable to continue. Patryk scored a TKO in the first round which is quite ironic as this made Patryk the first ever fighter from K-Star Legacy, winning in the first round with the Chief instructors trademark technique.

Next up was Pierce Pedley who is a K-star City/K-Star Legacy fighter, he took Brandon Lindop from Team Chongi. The fight was close all the way and too tight for the judges to call which resulted in a draw.

Trainee K-Star Legacy instructor Simon Whitehead showed some real heart in his contest as he took on Alex Attemann. Simon hurt his arm during the first round but fought on bravely to secure a win. We later found out it was actually broken, so an even bigger well done to Simon.

Ben Woodhall from K-Star Legacy won a points decision against Amir Yazdi from Wicker camp. Wicker camp is one of the most highly regarded clubs in the country so this was a great achievement for Ben

Ronnie Hogan from K-Star Legacy put on a very intelligent performance in his contest. he fought under K1 rules against the game Edgaras Rimdeika of Shin-gi-ru gym. It was a brilliant fight to watch and Ronnie got a unanimous nod from the judges.

Last up was Radek Tomczak from K-star Legacy against Steven Sadhara of Combat Ex gym. It was a dramatic fight from start to finish with it coming down to condition rather than skill in the end. Sadly Radek didn’t get the decision but he gave it his all and that is all I ask for.

So on K-Star Legacy’s first outing we had 4 wins 1 draw and 1 loss, not bad if I do say so myself.

Chief Instructor

Damien Trainor.