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Tear up at the Tower 2: 29.09.13

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K-Star Thai Boxing Academy will be hosting a Muay Thai event at the Tower Ballroom in Edgbaston, Birmingham on the 29th September.

There will be over 10 action packed bouts with a large number of them being K-Star fighters. All K-Star fighters will have gone through the same training structure that I have continued to use at K-Star Legacy. This will give all students a great opportunity to see the techniques you’ve been practising over the last few months being used in action.

The tickets will officially go on sale the first week of September so if you are interested in having a great evening out you can get them at K-Star Legacy or any K-Star branch.

Please see me at the desk or call 0121 421 2941 for more details

Chief Instructor

Damien Trainor