What is the Ram Muay?

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Many of you in the gym have been asking what is the Ram Muay.

If you have seen any Muay Thai fights then you will have noticed that they perform a ritual dance prior to the bout. This dance is called the Ram Muay which roughly translates as the boxing dance.

There are many misconceptions as to what this dance signifies, so I thought I’d clear the air by writing up on it.

Below is as extract taken from my personal website www.damientrainor.com which goes over the Ram Muay in more detail.

A common misconception of the Wai Kru Ram Muay is that it is a Buddhist belief. However, Thailand as with most nationalities that have embraced religion has many customs that are unique to their culture. The Wai Kru Ram Muay is one of them.

As with all asian cultures there is a huge amount of respect constantly shown to their elders or people in authority, something that seems to be lost at times in the west.

Teachers are held with the upmost respect in Thailand as they are passing on knowledge and wisdom to help the younger generation in their future. I’ve been in situations where a past Thai teacher has incorrectly translated a word in to English but the person using this word would not believe me when I tried to correct them as I was not Thai and not a teacher. Although this can get annoying it does demonstrate the level of respect that is given to people in this type of position and a Muay Thai trainer would be in this very bracket.

You you are interested in reading the full article you can view it here The Ram Muay is cultural not religious

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